Steve started life as a guitar player at the age of 9. He wrote his first song at 11 and started experiments with writing and recording after sneaking the school 4 track back to his shed studio. At 14, his first band secured a residency at the local R’n’B night and began working as a paid musician. (Listening back on recordings from that era, it’s clear to see the evolution of a musician!)

Whilst studying for his A level in music, Steve would supplement his income and develop his musical theory knowledge by teaching guitar and bass lessons in his local town. He also took extra lessons in Jazz guitar.

Steve’s devotion to music took him to Liverpool where he broke into a circle of “very good musicians”, and saw that it was time to up his game. After realising that studio time was expensive, he invested his savings in buying an 8 track reel to reel machine, a mixing desk and microphones. The first demo he made with his band earned them a John Peel Session. Thereafter followed more tours, radio shows and recordings.

After moving to London to study Sound Engineering, Steve took work placements at the BBC and Real World Studios, Bath. He turned down several promising jobs to set up his own studio in Brighton.

It was here that Steve reconnected with music tuition and set up Sparker Studios in 2001. Since opening its' doors, the studio has been at the heart of the musical tuition community in Brighton. Hundreds of students have come down to experience our modern approach to music tuition.

Steve’s students range from 5 - 75 years of age, from all backgrounds and abilities. Through extensive experience working as a full time musician, Steve found that he had much to offer his students. He soon honed his skills to become a very effective music tutor. Many students have stayed with him for years, inspired by his enthusiastic teaching methods.


Alongside tuition, Steve still works as a professional musician, writing and recording 5 of his own albums as well as working as a session musician for other artists. His playing, personality and attitude have made him a very popular and reliable musician to work with. Steve has played all over the country and toured in the US. His ambition to develop his skills as a tutor, writer, producer and player of music is undying.


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