If you’re reading this then you will know the importance of music, ether as a listener, player or aspiring player. Music is beautiful, powerful, entertaining and enters our lives at an early age. Melody, harmony and dynamics wrap their arms around our hearts and give us that warm hug enabling us to trigger our creativity and happiness. Long practice sessions and tough tunes can also make us want to throw our instrument out of the window whilst exploring bad language.


Here at Sparker Studios we have a dynamic and unique approach to music tuition. We cover all aspects; from being a beginner who wants that new hobby and strum through their favourite songs, to those who want to carve their way into the music business. All ambitions are welcomed and supported.


The lessons at the studio are fun and productive, we build the lesson plan around the individual and offer a structure that is agreed and achievable. Music theory is encouraged at every stage but is not necessary to get up and running. Music theory is not essential when learning to play, many great players have no idea what ‘in theory’ they are playing, but what they play sounds great. Knowing music theory will enable they player to fully realise their potential as a player, songwriter & composer. At the studio we support the benefits of both ways of thinking and explore music, the way it sounds and works whilst exposing the shapes, patterns and tricks of the instrument. We use TAB for notation.


Areas of study include:-


  • Playing your favourite songs 

  • Improvisation & Soloing

  • Songwriting and Composition

  • Music Technology and Production

  • Playing in a band

  • Transcription

  • Music Theory, Chord/Scale relationships

  • Instrument Maintenance & Set Up

  • Performance

  • Recording

  • Bad Jokes & Analogies

  • Grades through the Rock School program.


Whatever your needs Sparker Studios and it’s tutors can help. Either one to one tuition or playing as part of a group, we can build the lesson around the student. Always feel free to book up a free trial lesson or call, message the student to ask more questions. We’re happy to help and advise. We offer an open morning once a month on a Saturday to have a chat, free lesson & visit. If you can’t make one of those please contact us and we’ll organise another day and time.